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Broadband Meetings Scheduled

The Village of Sister Bay is inching closer to providing communitywide broadband services by offering informational sessions in May and June.  The forums will include general information about the service, but also will be an opportunity for users to give consent to the broadband provider to run the service to their building. 

Village staff explained that fiber optic will be buried and run to every developed property.  However, if someone wants the service run to their building, they will need to sign a ‘Right of Entry’ form allowing Bertram to bury the fiber optic on their property and install a service box.  The cost to bury the line on private property is at no cost to the property owner, but after the project is complete, should someone want a line buried and box installed, there will be a fee.

“Property owners also have to realize that if located on a private road, all owners must consent to installing the fiber optic along the road. If one party objects, we won’t be able to provide service to those on the private road”, informed Village Administrator, Julie Schmelzer.

The village is offering informational meetings in both May and June and is holding separate meetings for condominium owners.  The first meeting for condominium owners and homeowner associations is Tuesday, May 7th at 2 pm at the fire station.  A second public informational session will be held at 5:30 pm that same day, also at the fire station, and will have information for homeowners, tenants, businesses and institutions.  The June meetings are scheduled for June 4th.