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WATERFRONT PARK – Waterfront Park is located in downtown Sister Bay and affords a spectacular view of the bay.  An expanded swimming beach is available, and amenities include a gazebo, restrooms, playground equipment, picnic tables and benches, and a “quite craft” launch area. Waterfront Park has public access to 1,936 linear feet of waterfront property, which makes it the largest expanse of any such property in Northern Door. There is a designated tented event area in Waterfront Park, and it is frequently the site of large wedding receptions and special events.

Click HERE to access the Facility Use Application for Waterfront Park. 

MARINA PARK – Marina Park is adjacent to the Village’s Marina.  Marina Park also affords a spectacular view of the bay as well as the Marina. Tents which are large enough to accommodate 100 people can be erected in Marina Park, which is becoming an increasingly popular site for small weddings.

Click HERE to access the Facility Use Application for Marina Park. 

THE VILLAGE SPORTS COMPLEX – The Sports Complex is located on Autumn Court. Little League and Tee-Ball games take place on a regular basis at Louis Michael Hanson Field, the Sister Bay Bays call the fully equipped baseball field and pavilion “home”. The tennis and basketball courts are available for use on a “first-come first-serve” basis, but reservations can be made for personal use for a small fee. Welcome additions to the Sports Complex are the full-size and micro soccer fields, and the addition of pickleball striping to the tennis courts.  The ice skating rink is home to a local broomball league during the winter months.

Click HERE to access the Facility Use Application for the Sports Complex. 

THE VILLAGE HALL – The Village Hall is located at 10693 N. Bay Shore Drive and is the perfect location for a number of different events and activities ranging from art shows, meetings, plays and concerts, exercise classes, and the like. It is equipped with kitchen facilities as well as a stage.

Click HERE to access the Facility Use Application for the Village Hall. 

THE SISTER BAY-LIBERTY GROVE FIRE STATION – The Sister Bay-Liberty Grove Fire Station is located at 2258 Mill Road. There are two meeting rooms in the fire station – one which can accommodate groups up to 50 people (more if tables are not used) and one which can accommodate up to 12 people.

Click HERE to access the Facility Use Application for the Fire Station. 

It is possible to rent all of the previously mentioned park lands and facilities. Please contact Heidi Teich at 920-854-4118 to inquire about facility availability. Before any reservations are finalized a completed Facility Use Application must be submitted along with the required security deposit and use fees. 


Please click here to access MAPS of the village parks